Affirmations are powerful statements that are used in many hypnosis for birth practices to empower and strengthen the laboring mother.  Affirmations are used in prenatal practice to help empower her in her HypnoBirthing practice and are extremely effective when used during her labor and birth.  Marie Mongan has a series of incredibly powerful Birth Affirmations that are included in our class series.  Some of our HypnoBirthing mother’s will write personal affirmations for their own use in labor and birth.  The more you hear a positive statement, the more it will become a truth for you and your birthing team.

I breathe gently and my baby comes to me

I breathe away my discomfort and bring my baby into the world in peace and calm

I see my baby arriving into the world in joy and peace

I can control my labor with focus and calmness

I see my partner and I welcoming our baby with abundant love