Frequently Asked Questions

“Does my partner/birthing companion need to attend every class to understand the HypnoBirthing® Method?”

Yes, since many of the HypnoBirthing® techniques used during labor are partner led it is very important that your birthing companion attends every class session.

“Will I need to practice at home?”

Yes, HypnoBirthing® needs to be practiced at home so that the techniques become easier and easier as you get closer to your birthing day.  Practicing often with your partner allows you to “tune in” to their voice so that you will reach a deep state of relaxation quickly and easily during your labor and birth.

“If my partner/birth companion is so involved using the HypnoBirthing® method we will not need or want any other labor support.”

Having a professional doula or a dedicated family member can take some of the pressure off of your partner/birth companion allowing them to fully focus on you during your birth.  We normally discuss the benefits of labor support in each class series but feel free to ask questions or ask us any questions or for a list of HypnoBirthing® supportive doulas in the Bay Area.

“I am not a first time parent will the HypnoBirthing® method apply or even work for me?”

Yes! HypnoBirthing® is a wonderful experience for a couple expecting an addition to their family.  We will talk through past birth experiences and help you to tailor a birth plan with your ideal birth in mind.  We will also work on fear release of anything you might have experienced in the past that wasn’t exactly as you wished it to be.

“When should we take HypnoBirthing®?”

The class is designed to be taken in the middle of your pregnancy and we encourage you to take the course series around mid-pregnancy to maximize your time to practice the method before your birthing day.  We have, however had clients take the class series later in pregnancy and with dedicated practice by both partners they have been able to enjoy a beautiful, calm and natural HypnoBirth.